Saucy Shredded Pork


This Saucy Shredded Pork recipe is a perfect meal for a busy schedule. Wednesdays are crazy busy in our house and I tend to use the slow cooker on this night. In the morning I trim the fat layer off the pork loin roast and throw it (the pork not the fat, lol) in the slow cooker with some Paleo BBQ sauce. I used this Paleo BBQ Sauce recipe from Multiply Delicious. After work, I shredded the pork, stirred in some more BBQ sauce and dinner was ready, well almost. I wanted sweet potato fries, luckily those are easy enough to make. I let the oven do all the work. For some extra veg I threw together this salad topped with Lemon, Honey, Vinaigrette. Meal complete!


Prep time: 15 mins
Cook time: 4-6 hours
Servings: 4-6


2-3 lb pork loin roast, trimmed
2 cups of your favorite Paleo BBQ sauce

1. Put pork loin roast in slow cooker.
2. Top with 1 cup BBQ sauce
3. Cook on low 4-6 hours
4. Shred pork with fork
5. Stir in an extra cup of BBQ sauce
6. Enjoy!



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